Do you want know about Internet marketing? What about selling your ebook, products or services online. How about ‘building your email list’? What about making an extra income?

Well, that’s what we do here at Bond Global Enterprises.  We design, customize and put websites and blogs online for people who don’t know how.  We then teach our clients the next steps to marketing their business and grow their business online.  View our site to find out more about our services and our coaching so we can help you to get started today!

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Vision Statement:

To be the premier coaching company and the number one resource in building businesses online for women.

Mission Statement:

To provide top quality coaching, products and services in a timely and professional manner and to exceed our customers expectations through over-delivery.


About Faye:

Bond Global Enterprises specializes in Internet Marketing and website design services.

Faye Bond is the face behind Bond Global and she is the expert in helping women to start their business online and to take it to the next level.  With several years of experience and specialized training, Faye knows exactly where to start and what steps to achieve to be successful online.  With her extensive knowledge in Internet Marketing, comprehensive website design skills and her expertise in business start up, Faye has established herself as the Expert that women go to… to turn their dreams into reality and put their businesses online.

Faye’s passion, excitement and enthusiasm in seeing others fulfill their dreams, desires and goals is fundamental reason behind her passion… to help women be successful online.

Services provided by Faye and her team at Bond Global Enterprises are coaching, consulting, Internet marketing, website design and technical support, as well as editorial consulting and proofreading.

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