Luau Waikiki For A Feast To Remember

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On Oahu in the capital city of Honolulu, you can discover the white sandy beaches of Waikiki. This particular beachfront community attracts more than its share of tourists. If you are lucky, you will be one of them. With its public parks, amazing sunsets and bounty of nature at its most amazing, there will more things to do than time will allow. However, you will probably take time to eat every night, so this is one good reason to enjoy a luau Waikiki.

Luaus tend to have a sequence of events, so here is what takes place at a typical luau. You can get round trip transportation so your ride to and from the luau will be worry free. As soon as guests arrive a beautiful lei is draped around their necks. Leis are often made of flowers, but they can also be made of shells and kukua nuts. The imu ceremony will be the next item on the agenda.

An imu is the underground oven used to cook the the pork for the feast. At the ceremony native Hawaiians dressed in traditional costume, prepare the cooked pork for shredding. There is not a lot of ceremony involved, but it does give the guests a chance to see the traditional way of preparing food. The shredded pork, poi, sweet potatoes, and fresh fish are some of the staples of the local diet and are likely to be on the menu.

Your luau may include a hukailau which is an ancient way of fishing created by the Hawaiians. All the guests and natives get together to pull a huge net from the sea, which will be full of fresh fish. This is another simple way of demonstrating the culture. Once prepared, the fish will likely be the freshest you have ever eaten.

Mai tai punch will be served to all. For adults, there will be mai tais with alcohol for purchase. The fun really gets started with the Hawaiian revue. This entertainment includes native ceremonies and dances done in full traditional costume. The hulu may be one of these dances, and some guests may want to attempt to hulu. The revue showcases some of the culture and customs of Hawaiian life.

Finally after all these fun events have taken place, there will be the luau buffet. This may be more food than you ever imagined. In almost all cultures the offering of food is a way of saying welcome and happy you are here. This is certainly true in the Hawaiian culture, and guests will reap the culinary benefits of this warm welcome.

Luaus come in a range of prices from a basic package to a deluxe package. The difference in price per reservation is around sixty dollars. If you purchase a deluxe package you may receive a Hawaiian gift made by the locals. If your party is small in number, you might as well go with a deluxe package.

Your luau will give you the chance to experience several Hawaiian customs and traditions. Even though Hawaii became a part of the United States in 1959 it maintains its own culture and traditions. Despite the Western influences, much of the old Hawaii remains. The people are friendly and welcoming and eager to share their culture. Enjoy your fantasy vacation in paradise.

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