The Face Of Your Business Should Stand Out From The Crowd

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The Face Of Your Business Should Stand Out From the Crowd

The face of your business is to stand out from the crowd

On a previous article I talked about an unpleasant experience I had with an interior decorating company. And how that experience made me look at how potential customers first see a business.

Using the same interior decorating company that gave me poor service I took a look at their physical shop and noticed that the sign on their building was faded and difficult to read.  On entering the premises the walls, displays and products were uninviting. I should have left there and then. But I was looking for advice on curtains. Did I get it? No I didn’t and I left with a sour taste in my mouth.

So how do you get a customer to want to enter your business and get the advice they are looking for?

Whether it’s a brick-n-mortar business or your website first impressions are important. It’s your branding and signage that people first see. With a website you have 3 seconds to make a good impression to get your visitor to stay and look around.

Nowadays people want to see the person behind the business. They want to be able to connect with them. They want to see you before they start to engage with you. To do this you need to have your face on your website to greet them.

But don’t worry if you feel you don’t look the part. What matters is that your core essence comes through. Your clients will see it and respond positively. Here’s how you can help yourself in front of the camera and get a great set of shots.

9 Insider Tips for Branding You

#1    Be sure to get a really good night’s sleep before the shoot
#2    Play music that pumps you up during the photo shoot
#3    Wear clothing that match or compliment your eyes and skin coloring
#4    Think happy thoughts and smile with your eyes
#5    Re-energize yourself before each pose by dancing a little
#6    Take different shots from different angles – above, below, diagonal, standing, sitting.
#7    Take different shots of your hands – pointing from above, below, left and right
#8    Women – wear simple jewellery or none at all and minimal makeup.
#9    Men – business shirt, ditch the tie unless you normally wear one, and clean-shaven.

If you hire a professional photographer:

•    Ensure that you own the shots and don’t have to pay royalties on them.
•    Have some shots on a white background and ask the photographer to save them with no background (.png). These are the best for websites.
•    Choose a variety of finished shots for different purposes – website header, about you page, avatar, newsletter and large format shots.
•    Ask them to supply some smaller file sizes (65-300kb) of your favorite shots.

Have fun while you are getting the photos taken as this will show the real you and will light up your eyes.

Share you tips for branding you, experiences or questions. We all need a little help from our friends.


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