Whatsapp Do’s & Don’ts From Internet Marketing Companies

Posted on 30. Nov, 2017 by in Online Business

WhatsApp is perhaps the most popular instant messaging service in the world today. It’s easy to see why, as the app in question enjoys an audience of over 1 billion users across numerous countries. With that said, there are a few things that newbies should know so that they can get the most out of this social platform as possible. Here are a few do’s & don’ts that Internet marketing companies can offer for the sake of your enjoyment of WhatsApp.

DO know the different ways to use WhatsApp. Many people commonly associate this program with smartphones, but did you know that you can use it on your own home computer? You can do this by going to WhatsApp website, which will allow you to utilize said app from your browser. What this means is that you can keep conversations going without draining your phone battery. It’s a great tip that the likes of www.fishbat.com can provide.

DON’T overlook the tagging functionality. You might have tagged people on Twitter, Tumblr and the like, but did you know that you can do the same on WhatsApp? What this function does, for those not in the know, is notify people when they’ve been mentioned. As a result, they can get involved in a conversation in an instant. Such a feature matters, not only on the mobile app in question but in social media as a whole.

DO know that you can format your text. How can this be done, you may wonder? It depends on what you’d like to do. What if you want to emphasize a certain message by bolding it? All you have to do is add asterisks to both sides of the text that you’d like to have stand out. If you’re thinking about italicizing said text, adding underscores to both sides is all you have to do. Options like these make WhatsApp all the more intuitive.

DON’T assume that messages on WhatsApp cannot be recovered. Perhaps the most useful feature of this app is its ability to recover older messages and chats. Granted, you have to make sure that the backup function is enabled. This can be easily done from the options, which shouldn’t be an issue. Once this is done, though, you can recover text that you might believe to be of the utmost importance. More WhatsApp users should be mindful of this trick.

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